Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Grim drone footage of Yemeni city of Taiz

The third-largest Yemen city, Taiz was defaced after enduring more than five years of war. 
Drone footage captured buildings destroyed by the strikes
RT reporting

So sad, so infuriating! Looks like it could be such a lovely little city, but greed and money and inhumanity destroys beauty.

The same creator made that city as made all the others. There is supposed to be natural beauty in all places. We just have to protect it, and to demand it, to enforce it to be allowed to be.

We have to take command.

National Anthem writer calls a whole group of Americans the greatest evil

Black people are the greatest evil that afflicts a community? I think Francis Scott Key just missed the truth that we can see now so clearly in 2020, stealing people from their homes and families and culture and treating them like punching bags, like mirrors to the hate every hating member of the superior class has for that one's self [thoneself], and living off of these people, profiting off of them, keeping them always down, for generations, That! is the greatest evil that afflicts a country. It creates an eternity of pain that takes centuries to heal.

Hypothetical experiment-

And what if everyone early on in our slave-holding time had known all the pain and strife slavery would cause on every side, to all Americans, and seeping even into our foreign policy? I wonder if we would undo it now. I cannot even entertain the question because I would be forced to imagine all my black friends, family, colleagues, aquaintances, passers-by, artists, athletes, and more, in an instant, just gone. I know our collective American heart would just stop at that moment, cardiac arrest, from the removal of such a large section of it. And most likely if such a thing like all black people never coming to the United States of America by slave-dealers were not an impossible thing to do and and it were done, America might end up being a poor, sad backwards colony that was never able to break free of England.

And imagining further still, if the black people in the United States of America all decided that was what they wanted to do, supposing it could be done, then I would support it, even if it would mean the death or erasure of America. I would support it because I would know that a whole population of people were happy and living freely, and they had made the response decision after an initial decision had been made to forcefully bring them here. I would be supporting freedom. And I think that's ultimately what the human soul needs to survive. So, I would support the decision for freedom even if it meant the death of the American dream. And I would just weep forever.

But since that is not a likely scenario, I think the clear solution is to do everything we can to reverse our national crime.

It takes educating the whole country, every citizen. It takes patience and loads of blood sweat tears words plans and excruciating pressure on the minds and bodies of every citizen so that we can have a chance at healing. 

It's the only option. And the end result will be a more homogenous, unified, and guilt-free populace, richer in spirit and potential than before. We will be the champions the world knows we are deep down.

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Great Tiny Desk Concert: Hamilton Leithauser

Singer-songwriter Hamilton Leithauser, who first came to be known as singer of the Walkmen, here sings a coronavirus/covid 19 era performance with his family on Father's Day. And it sounds great!

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Candidate for best song ever

Rest in peace, Little Richard!

This song just sends me!

Jimi Hendrix on guitar. Let it take you.