Saturday, May 23, 2020

Possible best song ever recorded

Chico Che y la  Crisis - A quiĆ©n no le gusta eso?
Chico Che and the Crisis - Who wouldn't like this?

So, I heard the title, and the music starts playing, and suddenly I feel good,
and I start reflecting on the title. And I realize he's really talking about the beat. "Who wouldn't like this?" He's just that sure. He's rockin' out to his own beat. And he's like, "Who wouldn't be all over this shit? This is killer!"

And then he adds some fat rhymes just to flesh it out a little more, dot his i's, cross his t's.

There is hope for humanity.

Friday, May 15, 2020

Covid-19-themed movies

Here are some movies I think address some of the issues we're going through and would be fun to watch in these Coronavirus times:

Apocalypto (2006)
The world is ending. Everyone is out to get you. Your whole family is under assault. All your plans for a relaxing weekend have vanished in a snap, and now your only mission is fighting for survival. There is no rest in sight. It's fight like hell, pray for miracles, and keep your family alive. Hope through nightmare.

The Painted Veil (2006)
What is beauty? What should we be attracted to? What is love? What makes a desirable person? Set in a region beset by an epidemic, this movie is on point for the times.

Casablanca (1942)
Life under lock-down. No one can go anywhere. Curfews are being enforced. The world is in chaos, and at war. How do people act? How do people love? What is the right move? Who is the hero? Who is the villain? Very pertinent concepts for the times.

The Great McGinty (1940)
Politics is not always what it seems. Working for the people is a lot harder than just waving a wand. It's a whole system that need scrutinization. Eye-opening how clear-eyed this movie was 80 years ago.

La Vita e Bella (1997)
Overnight your plans are erased, your family imprisoned. Justice is laughably unreachable. Survival and maintaining sanity and dignity takes all your effort. It's a horror movie couched in a family comedy. Real and thankfully relatable. Titled in the USA as "Life is Beautiful".