Friday, June 7, 2019

Best pianists

Greatest pianist of all time?

My vote would go for Art Tatum. He blends all styles into truth. He takes us to a a world of power.

A distant second would be Thelonious Monk. The drunken master.

Saturday, February 23, 2019

This Is Not Happening

   So, I've been watching this Youtube, Comedy Central show called "This is Not Happening". And some of it is awesome. It's basically stories told in stand-up about a particular subject or theme. Some of the stories and comics are mild, some of them are cheesy.

But then, others are busting-up-worthy and memorable, maybe even classic status.

Joey Diaz' stories have all been classic so far. I think he's done four stories.
Theo Von's and Annie Lederman's are fun.
Keegan Michael Key's, Rob Corddry's, and Ari Shaffir's are mild.
Jim Brewer's, Joe Rogan's, and David Koechner's were boring.
Tom Green's and Marc Maron's were okay.
Kumail Nanjiani's and Sean Patton's are classic as well. Happy to discover Sean Patton!!!

And now, I'm going to watch more, including Ali Siddiq's, because I loved this clip of his stand-up so much!