Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Bill Burr and Irish people eat spicy chips

Quite thought-provoking highlights of Burr's interviews where he seems quite clear-headed and on point with the insight and comedy!:

Seth Meyers asks Bill questions about children and having children. Refreshingly hilarious!:

And one fun one of Irish people eating spicy chips:

Monday, December 24, 2018

Monster tracks!

Super rare but amazing track. I could only find it on a very expensive out of print CD version of the 1972 album "Ben". Actually the whole album is excellent. It's a crime this isn't more widely available. It should be in the grocery stores, right next to the gossip rags.:

The latest from hiphop rapper Father. I am in love, and I'm going through all his back catalog on the strength of this song. Love his beats, rhymes, rhythm, and voice and unique delivery!:

More from Christmas Eve

Joey Diaz tells Joe Rogan some eye-opening hilarious stories, some about his time in jails:

Oldies Colombian dance number "Munequita" by Pacho Galan.:

Russell Brand sharing some Christmas peace during what usually always is a stressful season:

More Joey Diaz gems about enjoying court trials like a sports fan:

And breaking news, Kevin Spacey's public message, critiqued by Joe Rogan:

Today's cool articles and videos

Ron Placone goes over the best rock record labels today, and some others:

Stereogum talks about how the Rolling Stones aren't creating more new music, but that their past music is influencing new music today. I don't connect much to the songs selected, but I think it's thought-provoking, not only applicable to the Stones but all musicians, artists, etc:

Mike Figueredo at The Humanist Report lays out the new plans and schedule of the Democrats 2020 Primary debate schedule:

Joe Rogan and Joey Diaz discuss the intersection of music and weed:

Joe Rogan rants refreshingly about restrictions on marijuana growing:

And a little older interview by Sarah Silverman of Bill Burr, posted a couple of weeks ago, but maybe recorded in the year. I love how honest and deep it gets. It's a lovely exchange between two comics, both with good hearts, but as different as spaghetti and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches! I sure hope their friendship continues to grow!!!! They're so sweet and salty and fun!!!!

And one new music track I find interesting, in a soulful, sonically full way. TFS stands for Tropical Fuck Storm. I bet they have more great songs. I've got to start diggin' into them!: